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Andre Wright scores Bohs second GoalBohemian players congratulate Anto Breslin after scoring their opening goalBohemian FC v St Patrick's Athletic-3Andre Wright scores Bohemians second goalAndre Wright head home from a corner kickBurst the net, Bohs second goalBohemian players congratulate Andre WrightAndre Wright breaks away from Luke McNallyDan Mandroiu watches onBohemian subs bench, social distancing of courseJJ Lunney clears his linesDanny Grant dribbles throughBohemian FC benchStephen McGuinness takes the kneeKris Twardek takes on the St Pats defenceGeorgie Kelly and Andy Lyons battle for possessionKris Twardek fires at goalBohemians v St Patrick's Athletic-3Kris Twardek trickery as he takes on Jason McClellandRob Cornwall heads clear