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Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh
BUNCRANA, IRELAND - FEBRUARY 2 2020: FAI New Balance Intermediate Cup (4th Round) match between Cockhill Celtic FC and Kilnamanagh A.F.C. at the Charlie O'Donnell Sports Grounds, on February 2nd 2020 in Buncrana, County Donegal, Ireland.

FT: Cockhill Celtic FC 1-1 Kilnamanagh A.F.C

(Photos by Clare McCahill/Extratime)

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Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-6248Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-6249Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-1593Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-1600Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-1606Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-1613Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-1614Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-1621Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-6256Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-6257Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-6261Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-6275Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-6276Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-6277Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-6279Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-6280Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-6285Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-6288Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-6290Cockhill Celtic v Kilnamanagh-6309