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Derry City v Dundalk - FAI Cup Round 2
DERRY CITY, NORTHERN IRELAND - August 23 2019: FAI Cup Round 2 match between Derry City and Dundalk at The Ryan McBride Brandywell Stadium on August 23rd, 2019 in Derry, Northern Ireland. (Photos by Clare McCahill/Extratime)
Derry City v Dundalk-5256Derry City v Dundalk-5266Derry City v Dundalk-5267Derry City v Dundalk-5282Derry City v Dundalk-5326Derry City v Dundalk-5360Derry City v Dundalk-5363Derry City v Dundalk-5377Derry City v Dundalk-5379Derry City v Dundalk-5386Derry City v Dundalk-5393Derry City v Dundalk-5399Derry City v Dundalk-5422Derry City v Dundalk-5433Derry City v Dundalk-5459Derry City v Dundalk-5470Derry City v Dundalk-5472Derry City v Dundalk-5479Derry City v Dundalk-5556Derry City v Dundalk-5563