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Abbie Brophy Bohemian WFC about to crossAbbie Brophy Bohemian WFC gets in a dangerous crossAbbie Brophy Bohemian WFC sets up another attackAlannah Maxwell Bohemian WFC  shrugs off the challangeChloe Flynn Bohemian WFC  fouled by Cork City WFC  Christina DringCiara Mulligan Bohemian WFC tries to stop Sophie Liston Cork City WFCCork City WFC celebrate their 4th goalCourtney Maguire Bohemian WFC saves under opressure from Nadine Seward Cork City WFCKatie Lovely Bohemian WFC breaks throughLauren Egbuloniu Cork City WFC breaks throughSophie Liston Cork City WFC looks for a freeChloe Darby Bohemian WFC v Cork City WFCWNLBohemian WFC v Cork City WFC-10WNLBohemian WFC v Cork City WFC-17WNLBohemian WFC v Cork City WFC-19Aoife Robinson Bohemian WFC goes close v Cork City WFCAbbie Brophy Bohemian WFC and Nathalie O'Brien Cork City WFC give chaseAbbie Brophy Bohemian WFC charges past Danielle Burke Cork City WFCAlannah Maxwell Bohemian WFC scores their 3rd goalAllanah Maxwell Bohemian WFC retrieves the ball from the net