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Aileen O'Keefe DLR Waves tackles Abbie Brophy of Bohemian WFCDLR Waves warn up prior to fixture v Bohemian WFCBohemian WFC  warm up prior to the fixture v DLR WavesBronagh Kane Bohemian WFC gets her cross in depot the close attention of Kate Burdis DLR WavesAoife Robinson Bohemian WFC takes on Aileen O'Keefe of DLR WavesKate Burdis DLR Waves  goes to ground to stop Aoife Robinson of Bohemian WFCCourtney Maguire Bohemian WFC collects under her bar v DLR WavesCourtney Maguire Bohemian WFC clears under pressure v DLR WavesAileen O'Keefe DLR WavesSophie Watters Bohemian WFC v Kerri Letmon DLR WavesAbbie Brophy Bohemian WFC v Kate Burdis DLR WavesKate Burdis DLR Waves slides in to stop Bronagh Kane Bohemian WFCAlannah Maxwell Bohemian WFC is tackled by Nicole Keogh DLR WavesWNL Bohemian WFC v DLR Waves-2nd half 13Aileen O'Keefe DLR Waves clears her linesNiamh Prior DLR Waves is bookedWNL Bohemian WFC v DLR Waves-2nd half 17WNL Bohemian WFC v DLR Waves-2nd half 18Rebecca Creagh Bohemian WFC and Aileen O'Keefe DLR Waves at the end of the gameSinead O'Farrelly Bohemian WFC and Kate Burdis DLR Waves